True North Outdoor Activities:
Discovery Guided Hikes


Untethered LLC offers a unique day of a Mindfulness Hiking experience like no other in New York. The Truth North Mindfulness Guided Hikes are for both, the beginner and the experienced hiker. We hike as a team and we will bond as nature enthusiasts. Each Hike is specifically tailored to the needs of your Mind, Body, and Soul.

Hikes are led by Yvette V. Miller - New York State Licensed Hike Guide - Badge # 8460.

Each Hike offers the following:

  1. Peace strategies that will enable you to make positive shifts in your personal relationships.
  2. Hiking tips that will improve your athletic confidence, endurance, and capacity.
  3. Mindfulness skills that will promote calmness and self-awareness.
  4. Team building that will enhance effective communication skills.
  5. Expose you to various beautiful landscapes and terrains that our environment offers.
Winter/Spring 2021
Mindfulness Guided Hikes Schedule

Level 1 Hike
Pace: Vigorous – Terrain: Average

Level 2 Hike
Pace: Vigorous – Terrain: Average

Level 3 Hike
Pace: Vigorous – Terrain: Strenuous

All Monies Paid for Hikes Are Non-Transferable & Non-Refundable.


Before your hike, please take a moment to prepare yourself with everything you need to know for our journey, as well as fill out our Release & Waiver Form.

Your Preparedness (See Hike Guide List) Is A Prerequisite to Your Participation On Said Hike.

Mindfulness Guided Hike Levels
Level 1 Hikes
The great outdoors awaits us.
Nature offers us the opportunity to explore.