True North Mindfulness Guided Hikes

Cia Untethered

Untethered LLC offers a unique day of a Mindfulness Hiking experience like no other in New York. The Truth North Mindfulness Guided Hikes are for both, the beginner and the experienced hiker. We hike as a team and we will bond as nature enthusiasts.

Each Hike is specifically tailored to the needs of your Mind, Body & Spirit. Hikes are led by Yvette V. Miller, New York State Licensed Hike Guide – Badge #8460.

Each Hike offers the following:

  • Peace strategies that will enable you to make positive shifts in your personal relationships.
  • Hiking tips that will improve your athletic confidence, endurance, and capacity.
  • Mindfulness skills that will promote calmness and self-awareness.
  • Team building that will enhance effective communication skills.
  • Expose you to various beautiful landscapes and terrains that our environment offers.
Fall/Winter 2021
Mindfulness Guided Hike Levels

Level 1 Hike
60 Minutes – $55
Pace: Vigorous • Terrain: Average

Level 2 Hike
90 Minutes – $80
Pace: Vigorous • Terrain: Average

Level 3 Hike
120 Minutes – $115
Pace: Vigorous • Terrain: Strenuous

All monies paid for hikes are non-transferable & non-refundable.

Before your hike, please take a moment to prepare yourself with everything you need to know for our journey, as well as fill out our Release & Waiver Form.

Your Preparedness (See Hike Guide List) Is A Prerequisite to Your Participation On Said Hike.

Fall/Winter 2021 Mindfulness Guided Hikes Schedule

Please check back soon.
Individual hikes by appointment are available by calling (718)525-9642.

The great outdoors awaits us.
Nature offers us the opportunity to explore.