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Chaplain Services

Chaplain Cia Provides Spiritual Guidance.


Be prepared to see your life transform as Cia guides you inward to discover GOD within you. Are you truly ready to embrace your true identity and receive the joy, love, and peace that you deserve? Cia will support you in your journey to healing and spiritual wellness.


Call or email for appointment & pricing: 206-0322
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SHIFT Sessions

What matters most is you.

Cia provides a safe space for you to talk about what is important to you. So, take a breath, relax and get ready for a One To One talk session with Cia. Her capacity to ease your mind and untether that which has a hold on your emotions is the relief that you have been looking for. After one session you have the capacity to feel a positive shift in yourself. It is a process of self-awareness & introspection that will enable you to experience more mindfulness, peace, and integration in your life.

Call or email for appointment & pricing: 206-0322

Corporate Mindfulness Consultation

Implicit Bias, Radical Leadership and Effective Communication are at the heart of building community and building productive teams that work within a company.

As a Business Coach, Cia will work with businesses, nonprofit organizations, communities, and boards.


Transformational Keynotes & Workshops

Cia is a New York City-based mindfulness speaker and workshop facilitator.

Keynotes and workshops can be tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs. Presentations can be one hour, two hours, half-day, full-day or two days.

Cia's Values

Love  •  Wealth Consciousness  •  Peace  •  Self-Actualization  •  Sustainability  •  Spirituality  •  Wellness  •  Equanimity  •  Receptivity