Transformational Wellness Consulting Services

Integrative Healing of The Mind, Body & Spirt

My journey is to be the change I wish to see in the world and inspire others to do the same.

By facilitating opportunities that increase Wellness in the Mind, The Body and Spirt offers you the capacity to experience an integrated, intentional, purposeful, prosperous and peaceful life––a life that you deserve.

Wellness is a choice. It makes way for your authentic self to rise, create peaceful, joyous experiences. It is a call, a beckoning to live your best life.

Whether you need personal coaching, community team building, effective communication or increased productivity for your corporation, contact Cia and be prepared to see amazing outcomes. The most impactful approach to wellness is a holistic approach. Getting the mind to be still, getting the body to move with intentionality and opening the Heart is the journey to balancing the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Wellness Consulting Services for


Expand prosperity. Build effective, cohesive and productive teams. Improve the culture of your workplace. Lead with effective expectations which increase "buy in" to your company's mission.


Individuals, Couples & Families

Heal your relationships. Discover the love you seek.

So, take a breath, relax and get ready for a One To One talk session with Cia. Cia will provide a safe space for you to talk about what is important to you. Her capacity to ease your mind and untether that which has a hold on your emotions is the relief that you have been looking for. After one session you will feel a difference in yourself. This sacred, therapeutic process enables you to experience more joy and peace in your life.

Educational & Learning Communities

Empowering Learning Communities.

Whether you are an Educational Leader, Principal, Professor, or Teacher, Cia’s coaching abilities bring forth your best strengths and educational practices. Be prepared to see immediate results with regard to the goals you set that align with your values and vision.


My goal is to help you reach your goals.
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