Transformational Healing Through Guided Journal Prompts


A Blueprint To Your Life Written By You.

An Heirloom Legacy For Your Loved Ones.

A BOOK OF QUESTIONS offers you transformational healing. It invites you to Self-Reflect and answer a series of categorized questions. This activity guides you into a sacred space of self-
discovery wherein Love and Peace await you. Be prepared to release that which causes you pain and suffering and come face to face with your true authentic best self. Awaken and create a Spectacularly Blissful Life Filled with Love.

The 100+ questions invite you to release your suffering through radical acceptance. Reflect upon your past experiences with your Family Of Origin to discern between that which needs to be cherished and that which needs to be released. These prompts offer you the opportunity to experience your best self and live with intention thus enabling you to live the life you deserve. Build your self-esteem, love yourself right where you stand, and deepen your primary relationships. Integrate your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Expand your wealth consciousness and embrace prosperity. Reflect upon your life by doing the mirror work provided in these questions.

No matter who you are, no matter what happened to you, no matter what you have done, A Book Of Questions is going to positively change your life.

Available in both paperback & hard cover.



"Many times journals cover one aspect of self. This one invites the writer to take stock of themselves.

There are so many journal prompts and ideas for exploring the soul! This journal covers many facets of the self and invites readers/writers to delve deeply into what motivates them, how they think and how they relate it in the world.

Chapters are organized into topics. This invites the writer to decide where they want to start and what they most prefer to work on. Writers can start at the beginning or simply turn to the section that they want to work on. Open up to any page in this journal and you will find a writing prompt that invites you to think and contemplate. Not only are writers prompted to think and reflect, but they are invited to create goals for themselves.

I highly recommend this journal! This journal is one that keeps on giving!" — ELK

"Clearly these are Spirit inspired questions that heightens your awareness and calls you to love yourself more deeply. The author helps you to reflect upon the most important relationshps that you have which includes: your relationship with yourself, your lover, your family of origin, your tribe/friends, your money and GOD. This book helps you integrate the Mind, Body & Spirit.

The chapter on Radical Acceptance is helping me to focus only on that which I can change and come to Peace with those things (no matter how seemingly Horrible) that I cannot change. The PEACE protocal is extremely helpful I use it when I feel stressed or overwhelmed. Cia, Thank you for writting this book! Buy it and be prepared for a transformational experience." – YM