Educational Services: Creating Peaceful, Safe & Productive Learning Communities

With effective communication practices and implicit bias recognition at the forefront of radical leadership in educational structures, positive outcomes are inevitable. The vision of the learning community will become more than a statement but a living document. By using metacognition and intrapersonal insights the communication style of administrators will begin to yield expected results.

Inclusion along with implementing a culturally diverse curriculum will improve teacher and student relationships which will positively impact learning outcomes and academic performance. The use of social contracts and peer coaching will create safer and more. productive learning environments. Teacher as Facilitator will create classroom cultures where teaching and learning can produce scholars and increase leadership capacity.

Conflict Resolution, Classroom Management & Peaceful Solutions.

Are there ongoing, unresolved behaviors and attitudes that permeate and challenge your Learning Community? Cia supports you in the process of transforming problems into opportunities to grow. Peace in Learning Communities is a choice.

Are an Undergraduate or Graduate student who seeks mentoring or coaching in the area of teaching and learning?

Cia provides you with a safe space wherein you can honestly discuss your concerns, goals, and career perspectives.

Cia provides a plethora of services as an Educational Consultant:

  • Develops unique and effective programs that address the whole child.
  • Works with challenging students to improve self-esteem, address behavior management and set and reach academic goals.
  • Designs programs to create a positive classroom culture, cooperative learning, and peer intervention.
  • Enhances curricula with interdisciplinary instruction and higher-order thinking.
  • Creates a pre-college preparatory program for students who are exiting high school and entering college to ensure transitional success.
  • Designs values-based, restorative justice, and peer mentoring programs.
  • Uses Paradoxical Intention to explore how communication styles impact behavior.

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