"Yvette, God has blessed you with a tool belt chock full of gifts and talents. I perceive that all of your tools are well used. Also, I love your office space. It is modern with clean lines, and it is light and airy with a good vibe."  
— Chris R.


"Dear Yvette,

What a pleasure to see your personal and professional growth. The launching of your dream business has been wonderful to see. I see your many talents come together all in one space. This space is beautiful, professional and decorated to reflect you as a wonderful, warm and receptive woman.

It was fabulous to see how you worked so hard to cultivate your practice as a facilitator, yogi, hypnotist, administrator, and deep thinker. I wish you only the best. The way that you acknowledged each and every person who attended was a great touch. I think that you spent so much time with each person (unusual for an event of this magnitude).

I think that you have many great personal services to offer men and woman in this fast-paced world of "Internet Communication". The face-to-face touch is lacking, but so necessary. I'm sure that many women (especially women) can relate to the struggles that you shared about being enough and doing enough.

Thanks for inviting me into your dream, visions, and goals."
— Liz K.