Empowerment Workshops & Keynotes

Cia is a New York City based empowerment speaker and workshop facilitator. In her engaging and interactive workshops and keynotes, participants will learn to create the life they deserve, the powerful benefits of meditation and giving, discovering tips to reveal their life purpose, as well as tips to becoming an effective communicator and leader. 

Workshops and keynotes can be tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs. Presentations can be one hour, two hours, half-day, full-day or two days. 

Topics Cia Can Speak On Include: 

Simple, Powerful Meditation

Learn the basics of Meditation.
Use easy tools that will reveal the powerful benefits of meditation that will increase focus, peace, and balance throughout your day. Learn these ancient tips that will enhance your health and wellness.

Your Purpose Is To Live On Purpose

Some of us know what we are designed to do and be in this life; while some of us do not. Learn these powerful tips that will reveal your purpose in life. Knowing your purpose will allow you to live the life you were designed for.

Attract Your Soulmate

Learn to attract and manifest your dream life by using the principles of attraction.

Living A Balanced Life

Examine the domains of your life and prioritize what is important to you. Diminish your stress and increase your productivity.

The 6 Keys to Becoming A More Effective & Powerful Communicator in Your Relationships

Navigating the complexities of relationships can be challenging. By applying simple, practical tools to learn how to bring peace and harmony into your personal and work relationships.

7 Insights of Effective Leadership

Without effective tools leading others can feel like herding cats. Apply these 7 concepts and your leadership style will empower others.

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